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My approach.

I offer personalized attention. This allows me to focus on your individual needs for the best, most direct possible workout. Offering a combination of assisted stretching, Pilates &/or Yoga in a private, duet or small group session setting, will give you the best results. Overall, it's all-encompassing approach to your health and well being. My clients come to me when they are frustrated from not seeing results and being "just another number" at a large facility.

I believe that it's never too late to start gaining awareness and becoming a fitter individual. Whether you are learning to place one foot in front of the other, learning to reach and pick something up from a shelf  without getting hurt or training for an athletic event, you must not rush your progress, it takes time. I will help you take your small successes one by one until they become one big one. I will help you concentrate on the things you can change and forget the ones you cannot.

Individual attention allows me and my client to work on direct goals; whether it is getting stronger, leaner or both without getting injured in the process. 

About me.
Originally from Venezuela, I moved to the US in 1996. Although I had traveled to Europe a decade before to attend Art College and pursue a career in Fashion Design, my second love has always been fitness. Having been a gymnast, when returning from College, I decided to enter the Competitive Aerobics Arena. With a lot discipline and practice, it didn’t take me long to rise to the top and traveled to the US to participate in the World Aerobics Championship in 1996. What a great experience that was! After working as a Personal Trainer and Group Exercise instructor in Florida for a while, I discovered Pilates while recovering from a back injury in 2001. I was sold after the 3rd session! I could move and breath better and my back didn't hurt as much! I started my Pilates teacher journey that year and got certified the year after. In addition to my academic credentials, I have earned Group Fitness certifications through AFFA & Personal Training through ACE, Indoor Cycling through Cycle-Reebok, Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning and Precision Cycling. I am comprehensibly trained in all Pilates apparatus, Yoga Certified through Yogafit, and also have BOSU, TRX and Barre certifications.
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